Top 18 Websites to Find Freelance Jobs and Make Extra Money

Individuals and businesses that need temporary workers or project assistance can go online to search for help, especially when they require knowledgeable professionals.

Freelancers who function as small businesses can also take advantage of the marketplace that has opened up to provide numerous opportunities through powerful platforms.

There are different places where freelancers can get work and small businesses can look for assistance from freelancers. 

1. Upwork

Upwork is a large marketplace for talented freelancers. As the workforce continues to become more independent and connected online, work that requires knowledge and expertise such as software design is moving online as well. This rapid shift to the virtual world has made it easier and faster for clients to work and connect with talent in real time.  

It enables professionals around Singapore to be flexible rather than being compelled to work at set places and times. Upwork helps to connect talent with businesses fast. It involves businesses finding and collaborating with freelancers with substantial earnings on an annual basis.


2. Toptal

Toptal provides an influential network that makes it possible for businesses to connect with freelancers, including the top software designers and engineers in the world.

It works closely with clients in order to understand exactly what their team and project needs and provides customized matches with pre-screened developers and designers who can join teams on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis.


3. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a search engine of sorts that works by collecting jobs listings from around the web. These include niche job sites, job boards and career pages. Like major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, SimplyHired displays the relevant jobs to people who are looking for work on the SimplyHired mobile app, site and various partner websites.  

Job openings are listed for hundreds of thousands of employers. The search engines operate in several countries and in different languages. SimplyHired is regarded as a top search website for jobs. 


4. Project4hire

Project4hire is a marketplace for freelancers and it connects freelance contractors and professionals to hiring clients all over the world. It involves clients posting their projects or jobs along with the skill set or requirements they are looking for.

Contractors or freelancers give bids or quotations for what they want to charge for the service or job. Clients are at liberty to choose the freelancers they prefer at any time and can begin working with them at this point. 


5. PeoplePerHour

This is a type of business that is purpose-driven and everything that is undertaken is related to their purpose. The purpose is to enable people to start and establish their own businesses and fulfill their dream of becoming completely independent.

This website is a worthwhile consideration for SEO specialists, web developers or designers because it focuses on web projects for freelancers. 


6. 99designs

This is the largest graphic design online marketplace in the world. The goal is to make designs much more accessible for everyone.

It consists of a vibrant community that is passionate about connecting people who want to have something designed for them such as a t-shirt or logo, with skilled creatives all over the world.

Several startups and small businesses have been able to access designs that they love and designers have collectively earned millions of dollars.  


7. LinkedIn

Just like Google, LinkedIn serves as a search engine. This makes it another great website that freelancers around the world can use. Freelancers are advised to optimize their profiles in order for the search aspect of LinkedIn to be able to make it easier for people to find them. After finding freelancers’ profiles, people can find samples of work done.  

The advanced search component makes it possible for searches to be performed according to various criteria such as geographical location, company size, job title and more. Automated searches are carried out continuously with leads that are delivered to freelancers’ inboxes or prospective people to connect with. 


8. IFreelance

This is a membership website that is available for freelance professionals. From writers and programmers to photographers and artists, it provides a number of ways for freelancers to find opportunities. The main ways include directly advertising freelance services to potential employers. Freelancers can also search the project database before submitting bids for project they are interested in.  

IFreelance provides many features such as tools for personalized marketing and performance tools to help freelancers maximize on their opportunities.  


9. Guru

Guru enables freelance professions to work and connect with businesses in a safe and efficient manner. It ranks freelancers according to unbiased performance data and helps businesses find high quality freelancers for projects. With safe payment methods, payment protection is guaranteed for businesses.

Freelancers can use Guru as a way to market their abilities and skills to a worldwide audience while competing for work cost-effectively. Guru profiles provide platforms for them to customize and freelancers can make sure they are paid. 


10. Freelancer

The largest crowdsourcing and freelancing marketplace based on the total number of posted projects and users is Freelancer.

Millions of registered users post jobs in diverse areas that include manufacturing, aerospace engineering, astrophysics, copywriting, marketing, logo design and website development. 


11. Freelance Writing

A freelance community for writers provides job leads on a daily basis along with plenty of articles and informative tips.

The freelance writing job site consolidates Craigslist job posts from across the region and a range of sites to allow people to find more online writing opportunities. 


12. FlexJobs

This is a creative job service that focuses on professional job listings and flexible jobs such as freelance contracts and alternative or part-time schedules.

It has numerous categories and jobs range from full-time to part-time and executive to entry-level.  


13. College Recruiter

College Recruiter is passionate about recent grads and all students gaining access to great careers.

It works towards providing a great recruiter and candidate experience. 


14. Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-known freelancer site on the internet. With its original beginnings as a source for low cost and design work, it has evolved into a large freelancer website with several opportunities for freelancers.

It is a great source for simple and quick work at low prices. 


15. Behance

Behance is a leading platform for various creatives in different industries and is among the top resources for freelancers.

Multi-media portfolios are created by members to showcase their work. The network is visited by millions of visitors who want to find talent and see the work that has been done. 


16. Aquent

Aquent is comparable to a temp agency as it is responsible for interviewing and screening freelancers and temps. Businesses post vacancies on a short and long-term basis. 



People can go to if they want their employees to be trained within a certain field or get knowledge in a particular area.

Freelancers who have knowledge that they want to share can also apply and provide tutoring services.


18. Crowded

Workers who crave independence can find job postings for freelancers on Crowded, which makes it much easier for freelancers to look for job listings and in one place while clients can fill vacant positions faster. 


19. Peer Hustle

Jobs are shown to freelancers based on geographical location and individuals can compete for jobs with freelancers within or near their location. 


Freelancers are aware that their next jobs are available from various sources. While a lot of work may be expected from referrals and past clients, the reality is that is not always the case.

It is crucial for freelancers to be proactive by getting constant updates regarding the best sites for opportunities to stay ahead in their careers.  

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