5 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business More Efficiently in 2020 and Beyond

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), over 627,000 new businesses open each year. But at the same time, 595,000 businesses close each year.

Do you want to be among the small percentage of businesses that succeed and live on each year?

Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have shared my top tips for marketing your small business to gain as many clients and customers as you can in 2020. Check them out…

Create a conversion focused website

One of the things that is going to matter most in 2020 is conversion driven marketing. You will need to create and run a strategy that focuses on generating as many customers/clients as you can. So, before you begin generating any traffic, you should focus on optimizing your website for conversion.

So, start with the home page design. Make sure you place call to actions and copy that promote your main products and services here. After that work on the landing pages for your products. And finally, work on some lead magnets and the landing pages they are gated on. Only a small percentage of people who visit your website will be interested in making a purchase immediately. Hence, the lead magnet will help convert people who don’t want to buy right away, but might do so in the future.

Start a blog

There are countless ways to drive quality traffic to your conversion focused website, but the cheapest and best method out there is blogging. People like reading and sharing free content with their followers. Therefore, publishing blog posts on a regular basis will help you generate a lot of social traffic. Blog posts also rank well on search engines, especially if you include keywords and build backlinks to your posts, so you should be able to drive some good search traffic too.

You can easily build backlinks with tactics such as guest posting. This is where you write a post on more prominent websites and include a link back to yours in the content. This tactic can also drive some referral traffic.

Use a good client scheduling tool

A great way to convert traffic into clients and/or customers is by offering one on one consultations. This gives potential clients the opportunity to learn more about you and the skills you can bring to the table. If you make a good impression during this call, you can get a lot of clients to hire you.

So, one of your aims this year should be to get as many one on one consultations as possible. Most businesses struggle to get visitors on one on one calls because they have a broken system. After people sign up, they try to get them to set up a call via email. This back and forth process frustrates potential clients and they decide to abandon the process.

This is why to avoid this problem and get as many consultations calls as possible, you should use one of the best schedule maker tools in 2020.

These tools will display your schedule and availability on your website. Clients can choose the day and time with a few clicks without having to ever email you. As a result, you get a lot more consultations.

These tools also let you send automated reminder emails and text messages which will ensure that more people turn up for the calls.

Get a good email tracking software

Not all of the clients who speak with you will purchase your products or services immediately. Some will prefer to think it out and respond to you later. This is why to communicate with them you need a good email tracking software. These tools will let you schedule emails in advance, track clicks and downloads and do a lot more. These features can play a key role in helping you convert more of the client calls into sales.

Use an email service provider as well

Along with your email sales software, you should also invest in a good email service provider. The email service provider can be used to send automated emails to people who don’t sign up for the consultation call. You can nurture these people with other emails and try to convince them to schedule a call in the future or you can directly promote your services and products to them.

These tools can also track clicks and opens. Hence, the data can be used to better market to your customers.


These are my top tips for marketing your small business more efficiently in 2020 and beyond. Begin implementing them today to ensure your business thrives.

This post was originally appeared on SmallBizDaily

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